Short history:


1995 - company establishment 

1996 - controllers of FX8010 type

1997 - solar program

1998 - Ekomat concept

1999 - move to Vasižov

2000 - controllers for wood burning

2001 - solar controllers - II. generation

2002 - controllers of  FX8112 type

2003 - regulators of 1/4 maximum

2004 - solar controllers - III. generation

2005 - equithermic controllers

2006 - multi-functional regulators

2007 - ISO 9001/2000

2008 - floor converter regulators

2009 - ISO 9001/2008

2010 - equithermic controllers - II. generation

2011 - large solar thermic systems

2012 - thermodynamic controllers DUOmat

2013 - pellet boilers controllers

2014 - controllers of DX4316.DIN type




    Company DUEL Námestovo  Ltd. was founded in 1995 with the intention of business automation and control technology with a focus on ensuring thermal comfort in buildings that are heated with different energy sources, such as automatic wood boilers, gas and electric sources, solar systems and heat pumps. Moreover  the industrial automation and regulation of electricity consumption. comes to scene.

     The company puts on the market only products that arise from his own design office. Our goal is as much as possible to contribute to the saving of thermal energy for its optimal allocation and use and also to disseminate and spread of alternative energy sources. Company staff (mostly college educated) have long practical experience of the field of automation and computer technology and the knowledge of a number of regulatory systems deployed in the houses, schools, hotels, industrial buildings, ... .

    DUEL controllers are deployed in most European countries, are part of the investment units in Asia, are also in Africa and since 2007 in Canada.

    The company's strengths include product quality, rapid response to non-standard requirements, the optimal delivery time, serious time with the service warranty, and not least the system certified ISO 9001 quality management.


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